About ABS Jets

ABS Jets is an internationally awarded, world-class, executive jet operator with bases at Prague and Bratislava Airports.

ABS Jets is one of the very few companies in Central Europe, havings the financial and human resources to support and implement the systems required to operate aircraft to the very highest levels of safety and security. Our pilots and crew include some of the most qualified and well-trained professionals in the industry.

ABS Jets received the “Best company in the field of business aviation in 2009” award from the prestigious magazine Overseas Living. In addition to the quality of the company’s services, the jury also appreciated the comprehensive variety of services that ABS Jets offers to its clients.

Established in 2004, ABS Jets is proud to be a professional partner in the following organizations:

  • EBAA member
  • NBAA member
  • RUBAA member

The company ABS Jets is proud that it is:

  • EASC – Embraer Authorized Service Center
  • EBAA approved handling agent
  • Universal preferred handling vendor
  • 2004 ABS Jets was established as a business jet operator, starting with 30 employees
  • 2006 ABS Jets executed 2370 flight hours
  • 2007 ABS Jets became an Embraer Authorized Service Center
  • 2007 ABS Jets grows to 100 employees
  • 2007 ABS Jets executed 2737 flight hours
  • 2008 ABS Jets finished in the top three in the Best in Private Aviation Awards organised by Overseas Living magazine
  • 2008 ABS Jets was certified as a flight support provider
  • 2008 ABS Jets become an authorized handling agent at Prague Ruzyne Airport
  • 2009 ABS Jets becomes a preferred handling vendor for Universal Weather and Aviation for the Czech and Slovak Republics
  • 2009 ABS Jets grows to 150 employees
  • 2009 ABS Jets receives the Best Business Aviation Company Award from Overseas Living magazine
  • 2009 ABS Jets becomes an authorized handling agent at M.R. Stefanik Airport Bratislava (LZIB)
  • 2011 ABS Jets opens its new hangar N at Prague Ruzyně Airport
  • 2012 ABS Jets receives the NBAA Commercial Business Flying Safety Award, for 9 years and 21,177 consecutive flying hours without an accident involving damage to property or injury to person
  • 2013ABS Jets earns two NBAA Safety Awards by NBAA – Commercial Business Flying Safety Award and Aviation Support Services Safety Award
  • 2014ABS Jets receives the NBAA Commercial Flying Safety Award, for operating Business Aircraft 11 years for a total of 26,937 consecutive hours without an accident involving damage to property or injury to persons, further the NBAA Aviation Maintenance Department Safety Award, for contributing to the safety of business aircraft operations by providing professional aircraft maintenance and moreover, Vladimir Sip was awarded for providing professional maintenance service on business aircraft a total of 9 years without an accident involving damage to property or injury to persons by NBAA.