Awards & Certifications

ABS Jets is an internationally awarded world class operator of business jets aircraft

In 2013 ABS Jets successfully defended NBAA Commercial Business Flying Safety Award and also received NBAA Aviation Support Services Safety Award. In 2012, ABS Jets received the following awards: NBAA Commercial Business Flying Safety Award, NBAA Pilot Safety Award. In the previous year obtained ČEKIA „AAA“ top rating in the field of transport and logistics and the award „The Fast 50“ in private aviation – awarded by the internationally renowned magazine The New Europe which is dedicated to the fastest growing companies in the world.

ABS Jets has received the “Best company in the field of business aviation in 2009” award from the prestigious magazine Overseas Living.

In addition to the quality of the company’s services, the jury also appreciated the comprehensive variety of services that ABS Jets offers to its clients.

ABS Jets is one of the few business aviation companies that not only operates business jets, thus being a private aviation company, but is also a maintenance and repair organization. ABS Jets, in addition being an authorized maintenance centre of the renowned Brazilian jets manufacturer Embraer, is a licensed handling services provider and offers flight planning and somewhat unconventional travel management services.

“The Overseas Living magazine award is certainly a great achievement for us, because it reflects the satisfaction of our clients with our company. For me, it represents an acknowledgement of the quality of our employees´ work, from the pilots, stewardesses, and technicians all the way to the flight planners and our sales team. However, this award is at the same time an obligation for us to continue working towards even greater efficiency, at this time when an efficient combination of quality and expense management is crucial.” states Vladimir Petak, the ABS Jets CEO, Member of the Board of Directors.

In 2008, ABS Jets also finished in the top three in the Best in Private Aviation Awards, given out by Overseas Living magazine.

Certificates and Awards:

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