Career Opportunities

As one of the leading business aviation entities in Europe, ABS Jets offers opportunities for those seeking a career in a dynamic and forward-looking environment.

ABS Jets hires employees based on the individual’s a­bility to meet and exceed job requirements. For some positions, ABS Jets provides employee training in order to develop the skills, expertise and capabilities required for the job and to foster both personal and professional growth.

For most positions we require a complete Curriculum Vitae (CV) and all certificates of previous qualifications (copies).

We are looking forward to receiving your application.

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Current vacancies:

Letecký mechanik (kompozity)

Job Description:

Letecký mechanik (kompozity) >


Job Description:

Logistik >

Aircraft Technician

Job Description:

Letecký mechanik >

Maintenance Software Administrator

Job Description:

Maintenance Software Administrator >

Aircraft Technician B1

Job Description:

Letecký mechanik B1 >

Palubní průvodčí, Praha

Job Description:

Palubní průvodčí, Praha >

Finanční ředitel

Job Description: