Aircraft Sales

Putting our expertise and knowledge to work for you.

ABS Jets’ experienced team of Aircraft Sales Directors will guide you through the complex acquisition process of new or pre-owned aircraft.

After the initial aircraft selection, our sales specialists will help you prepare a price and terms proposal and negotiate the definitive purchase contract including warranties and special conditions. Subsequently, we will help you with the customization of the aircraft, the delivery, registration, and administration of ownership.

ABS Jets represents one of the largest aircraft manufacturers, which allow us to offer full customer support on a variety of business jets aircraft to our clients.

Aircraft Financing
ABS Jets offers a proven partnership with SG Equipment Finance, the leading specialist for equipment and vendor finance in the Czech and Slovak marketplace. SG Equipment Finance has been involved in the financing of aircrafts for more than 50 years. Accordingly, SG Equipment Finance Czech Republic s.r.o. and its branch in Slovakia are actively established in this area of financing, and are currently one of just a handful of local financial institutions providing a product specifically tailored to the acquisition of aircfrafts (including helicopters) on a local basis.

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Aircraft Sales services include:

  • Aircraft selection
  • Preparation of price and terms proposals
  • Counteroffer responses
  • Negotiation of the final purchase agreement
  • Remediation or renegotiation, deposit commitment.
  • Delivery, documentation, purchase closing
  • Registration and administration of ownership