Charter & Brokerage

Enjoy an exceptional flight experience on your own schedule.

ABS Jets Charter & Brokerage services allow you to fully enjoy the advantages of business aviation.

Our aircraft fleet and crew are available to fly to any destination, especially places that would otherwise be hard to reach. ABS Jets operates exclusively from VIP terminals, minimizing check-in times while maintaining strict client confidentiality. Our Travel Management Department can ensure additional services such as limousine or car rental, a helicopter, sailing on yachts, accommodations, a meeting room, or admission tickets.

Increased productivity is the primary advantage of chartering with ABS Jets. You will save time by arriving closer to your business destination. You are able to set your own schedule so that check-in delays and crowded terminals are things of the past. And because plans can change, we are here to make the necessary adjustments to your itinerary, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
In case you request a flight that we are not able to provide for with our aircraft fleet, we will secure a flight for you with one of our renowned business partners – aviation companies in the Czech Republic or abroad.

ABS Jets flight crews are comprised of only the most qualified and well-trained pilots in the industry. They possess extensive experience due to the variety of destinations served by ABS Jets and many years of service. Our pilots work closely with highly qualified in-house teams of maintenance personnel and certified supervisors who are dedicated to specific aircraft.

With your comfort and safety as our main concern, our flight attendants meet equally meticulous criteria and receive ongoing training in cabin service with focus on your personal needs and preferences.

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Charter & Brokerage services include:

  • Your own aircraft and crew
  • Flight coordination (overflight & landing permits, handling arrangements, fuel arrangements, flight planning)
  • Tailored Travel Management solutions (chauffeured limousine service & car rental, accommodation booking, tickets for sporting and cultural events)
  • On-board specialist catering
  • Passenger and luggage transport to/from aircraft
  • Priority check-in
  • 24 hour, 365 day concierge call center