Consultancy Services

Years of experience with business flying at your service.

ABS Jets’ Consulting Services help companies and individuals discover the benefits of aircraft ownership: privacy, comfort, security, convenience, and, of course, the flexibility to pursue opportunities at a moments notice.

If you are thinking about acquiring an aircraft, or replacing an older model with a newer one, ABS Jets’ experienced consultants will help you define the aircraft with the right operational specifications for your needs and budget. We’ll explain the pros and cons of full ownership against fractional-ownership, leasing, membership, and charter options as well as suggest the most suitable financing model, depreciation, taxation, and timing considerations.

As with real estate, aircraft markets too are cyclical. ABS Jets will help you take advantage of the current market situation based on current and historical sale prices.

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Consulting services include:

  • Assesment of your flying requirements and budget
  • Evaluation of full ownership against other methods
  • Explaining the total costs of ownership and operation
  • Detailed comparison of suitable aircraft
  • Explaining the total costs of ownership and operation
  • Purchase timing and tactics advice