Flight Planning

Increasing safety and efficiency while lowering the cost of aircraft operations.

Our efficient, accurate, and responsive Flight Planning team helps you meet your requirements and objectives.

After years of flight planning experience with our own aircraft fleet, ABS Jets offers worldwide flight support to third parties. ABS Jets’ experienced and licensed Flight Planning operations team is prepared to help you optimize your flight operations, minimize your costs and risks and thus make the task of managing your aircraft an easier one.

Thanks to our fully-qualified dispatchers with worldwide flight planning experience, we can make increasingly complex arrangements for travel to major airports around the world as well as handle the equally complex details needed to get you in and out of small airports in remote corners of the globe.

Over 260 aircraft types are supported by our flight planning system enabling our operations team to prepare flight analysis tailored to your requirements.

ABS Jets’ Flight Planning team is proud to take ownership of every trip, making sure the flight crew has the right permits, documentation, and services arranged so they are ready for any contingency. Our team provides responsive and timely help when needed the most.

Contact Details:
M / +420 602 316 636
E / ops@absjets.com

Flight Planning services include:

  • Full, computerized, worldwide flight plans
  • ATC flight filing
  • Flight clearances and landing permits
  • Flight tracking (live and history)
  • Current information on air traffic and airspace
  • Worldwide satellite imagery and route weather briefings
  • Airport and FBO info along with runway analysis
  • NOTAM briefings
  • Aircraft performance data
  • Worldwide ground support